Monday, March 02, 2009


Toasty Toes Mansion is closed. (bawl). THe kids and I are leaving so that all the work we have done to get the house ready to sell does not get undone.

We have a couple of thing left to do, but not with the kids- so we have packed our bags and left. Daddy gets to stay, because, in the words of the kids, "Daddy can keep things tidy". And he can. His mama raised him well. However, he is relegated to one bedroom (not the mater), and one bathroom (also not the master).

We will be traveling around here and there quite a bit. We are currently looking for churches and groups of people we can connect with who might support our families mission to Ecuador, so if you know of one of those- hook us up!

I'll keep posting here and there, keeping you updated on the latest happenings, and maybe sharing a recipe cooked in another kitchen, a garment sewn in another home, and hilarious antics of children that are displayed in front of other families...