Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pretzal Party

I am finally catching up here on toasty toes blog. I have finally after a couple of hours of uploading pictures, reached the pinacle of the year. Christmas Day.
By the time the Christmas pretzal party time arrived, I was sick as sick could be of being in my kitchen, so I begged my daddy and Dustan to head up the task. I just snapped a million pictures, cringed at all the finger licking, and laughed at the crazy candy combinations they came up with.
Also, you will perhaps see reason number 523 why I have not blog posted in so long. Work day never actually did end. It's still going on. In fact, it went forward even today. Dustan is busy laying flooring as I type and I am busy waiting for my freshly painted pantry door to dry so that I can move it out and start painting my basement door. You will see our new cabinets, and new paint color. You will not however see any window coverings, or a countertop. The countertop will be here next week, and the floor will also be done next week. I have lived in a quasi kitchen for over a month (we started this at the beginning of Nov., and I am ready to have a kitchen back. for those who may be wondering why we got new cabinets when the old, lovely blue ones were so cheery and pretty...well, the best explanation is that we will be selling the house. Which is reason number 524 for the lack of posting. I am mourning my lovely house- But, God has big plans for my family, and the first step is to get this house sold. So, I am no longer making decisions based on my own likes, but the possible likes and desires of the "everywoman". I am not everywoman, and this has been quite a grueling task for me.

But without further ado, here is pretzel day: (oh, and blooger pics is broken at the moment and so I had to use photobucket- which means I can't control the size. if this causes your computer to have a stroke and die- I am sorry. check back later and hopefully blogger will fix their issue AND I will have time to add smaller pictures.)






All about me

Perhaps the reason my blog went south for the winter is that I ws busy writing my second novel. It was national novel writing month in Novemeber, and I focused my time into writing. This year I managed to write something readable and after a couple of re-writes and a professional editing job it will be on its way to an agent...or 50 agents. My goal is to get 50 rejection letters by nano time next year.
I rewarded myself, or I should say that Dustan rewarded me, with an early Christmas present. Yes. It's real. I researched my artist for over a year and chose someone who does beautiful feminine tatoos, all without outlines. She was an artist with a brush long before she found she had a skill for skin art

here is the artist gallery in case you are interested.

All about the middle child...

Weston is growing up. My little runt (seriously he was only 8.11) has gotten so big. He has become his own individual, with his own likes, a ton of dislikes, and an instense desire to follw his Lord. We celebrated his baptism a few weeks ago and I was astonished at how much our church celebrated with us. They too see Weston's sweet spirit and so many of them told me what an example he had been to them.
He has gone a very long way from the time he announced to his Sunday School teacher that he didn't want to grow up to be a Christian because he wanted to go to hell. To see what it was like...

to having a conversation with me several months ago about how he looked forward to he could see Jesus. My heart was humbled by his simple faith.

Weston has also become a purple belt in karate.
And in case you were all wondering about my sanity. Wonder no more. I am insane. I saw Weston having so much fun learning how to kill people by slamming their heads into his knees that I had to join him. Twice a week I embarrass myself by pretending to be a ninja. But don't laugh at me. I can kick your butt.

Happy Belated Halloween

Hahaha! For some reason, posting all these belated greetings crack me up. I am easily amused, which is a good thing I suppose.

The boys made their own glow in the dark skeleton costumes with very little help from mama. I have very creative little boys.

Did work day kill me?

Almost. Seriously. I think I am allergic to work, and no matter where I turn- it is tehre. Following me. It's a bit spooky. A lot has happened since my last post, in which I became so bored with my own posting that I just stopped. Cold Turkey. It didn't hurt at all.

Anyhow, the world seems to want to know what is happening in my life (and by world, I mean my small but significant family) and so here are some pictures of pumkin day.

Happy belated Pumkin Day! Hahaha!