Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weston vs. the Toothfairy

Weston is pretty po'd at the tooth fairy. She refuses to seriously consider his requests and he just does not understand why.

Several months ago Weston pulled a tooth by himself and wrote the following letter to the tooth fairy:

"Dear tooth fairy,
I pulled this tooth out all by myself and didn't even cry. I am hoping for at least 50.00."

He was greatly disappointed when he only received a couple of dollars.

Now, the tooth fairy has crushed his dreams yet again, and if she keeps it up Weston is bound to declare war on her.
He lost a tooth at Grandma's and grandma told us about it. When we saw him we had the following conversation:

Mom: Weston, I heard you got a visit from the tooth fairy.
Him: No.
Dad: I heard you got some money.
Him: Yeh, she brought me some change, but she didn't bother to stop and talk.
Mom and Dad: (bust a gut laughing)
Weston: You know why I don't like the tooth fairy? I wanted a credit card and all I got was change.

I have a feeling the toothfairy is stuck in the middle ages around here and until now has not even THOUGHT about leaving credit cards in exchange for teeth.