Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Just like last year (it's a tradition now), we waited until the last minute to pull together costumes. But- unlike last year, Marcus got to carry weapons.

And like last year, Weston stole the show. And- yes, we did indeed shave the boy's head. It was his idea. He begged- we obeyed. We have to respect our elders you know.

Esther, at the very last moment decided that instead of being the sheep that was already planned out, would, instead be Maid Marion. I just used Marcus' costume for inspiration. Both costumes were made using adult sized T-shirts as tunics and some slits here and there with a pair of scissors finished the job.

These were no sew costumes except for Marcus hat, which could actually have been made with staples. Trust me- I thought about it.

I hope your Halloween was more sweet than frightful, and that your tomorrow will not be filled with dentist appointments.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Be still my heart.

I have to admit that selling my world possessions was a pretty difficult thing to do. Going to Ecuador is something that we dearly want to do, but I am not kidding when I say the sacrifices have been great. Sometimes they have been downright overwhelming. Just this past week a new sacrifice cropped up that has me choked up.

So, it might be silly, but in browsing a blog of retirees who have moved to Cuenca, I followed a link to a local Ecuadorian pottery company. And I was comforted. New dishes will not diminish the value of all I have sold or am leaving behind, but it reminded me that good things are yet to come.


Nancy and Chuck

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A work in progress

My internet is so testy (as in almost never available) that I needed something to occupy the time that wasn't spent in housework, schoolwork, or SIM work. I saw some cardboard dollhouses on Crafty Crow and decided to give it a try. Remember that I am NOT a perfectionist. Plus, I have three kids that were helping me out (Marcus was very particular about the wallpaper...).
Anyhow, here is the kitchen and living room. I have the paper to do a bedroom but I do not have an extra box. One will show up soon, I am sure.
Marcus has a book on paper crafts that includes a page on making paper furniture (like the white chair and tootsie pillow) and we plan to make some furniture out of nice cardstock. Meanwhile, we will practice with white paper.

Since my oldest friend, Jerusalem, (seriously- she is OLD. White hair, cane, minty breath, and runny lipstick kindof old) featured me on her gorgeous blog, I thought I would make a public apology for the point and shoot/unfocused pictures- and the project that was only 1/4 done. Of course, now I see the edges weren't glued very well, and the corners don't match up. I also really wish I had finished those few touches I meant to do. I was just so excited I posted it. Haha- I guess Jeru was excited to!

Please come back again to see some of the other things we have planned

Like stringing those lanterns
and hanging tiny hooks along the kitchen wall to hold baskets
A large mirror will hang on the back wall- using the back of a mason jar lid
and of course, we hope to get some furniture in those rooms
That chandelier in the kitchen (which is actually a lone earring will hang on a wire instead of a black pipecleaner
We plan to cut out pics from magazines for wall hangings, prints, and anything else that inspires us.
We have a princess bedroom planned as well as a nursery. Just wait to see what that princess BR looks like- everything was color coordinated by Esther's brother! LOL
So- come back, ya hear.