Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Esther on her future:

untitled event

I took Esther to see Annie last night. "Tomorrow" has been running through my head marathon style ever since. Esther had a blast and as we waited through intermission she tried to get a grasp on the difference between story telling and real life. After she gave up on that she engaged me in a discussion about who the people were on stage.

Me: I used to be an actress you know.

Her: You did? What did you be?

Me: (I simply ran down my impressive resume of community and college theatre performances)

Her: Why don't you be an actress anymore?

Me: i found out I was a better mommy.

Her: Oh.

Silence ensues as she processes this

Her: Mommy, I decided that when I grow up I am going to be an actress. I want to be Annie. If I am good at actressing then I will just keep doing that. But if I am bad then I will just be a mommy.

Well, I guess she gave up on her career as a shoe fixer, clothing designer, horsey rider.