Friday, January 28, 2011

A letter to a former me:

I was flipping through an old Australian magazine today (I read whatever gets sent the cafe's way), and the 'zine had a revolving feature of famous people writing letters to the former self at the age of sixteen. I was intrigued by both the letter and the concept. What should my sixteen year old self know that I know now? My sixteen year old self was pretty dumb, I think she needs a manual of sorts!

Anyhow, here is what I think she needs to know, boiled down of course, since I don't think you all want to read her manual. She did pretty well, that sixteen year old girl, especially considering what an idiot she was, but there are a few things I think she should know:

Dear Rebecca Rebekah Rebecka (To begin with you should know that know matter how many time you respell your name, it won;t help you become an actress),

You are thirty five now. That should mean something. It means you found life worth living! And let me tell you, you might be feeling a wee bit depressed soon, but chin up. It’s gonna get good!

First off, that boy is no good. You know it, your friends know it, and your sister is right. He is horrible. You should get over it now so you don’t waste your heart. Cause that heart is gonna be needed, oh yes it is! Your thrity-five year old self will be married for 13 years to a former computer programmer! Don’t be so shocked you teenage goon, I promise, it isn’t boring.

Secondly, I admire your courage to be crazy. It won’t be as easy when you get older, so have fun trying to be everything you want to be. You won’t regret trying to be a poet, actress, novelist, teacher, psychologist, historian, or sign language interpreter. What you will become is pretty cool though. I am kind of afraid to tell you. I am afraid you will hide your head in a pillow and cry tears of shame for your future self. But, frankly, that is because you are an idiot. Sorry, but you should know the truth now, it will save you heartache in the future. You don’t know everything. You especially do NOT know what is best for yourself. You are gonna be a mother.

See? I knew you would cry because you don’t have even half a brain yet. Don’t worry. Your life is full of adventure, and your kids are spunkier, funnier, and crazier than you could even imagine yourself to be.

Thirdly, lose the temper. It isn’t as cool as you think it is. In fact, it isn’t cool at all. Save yourself some major life hurdles by working on it now. Why wait till you have already ruined your reputation, hurt your friends, and become a habitual pain mongerer before trying to change? Point number one will help with this.

Next up: Your sister is really awesome. So is your mom. Don’t get all sweaty, they are still living, you don’t have to lose them before realizing how much you love them. They will both become your best friends. I know they aren’t really that great right now (well, your mom actually is, you just don’t know it), but they both change. So do you.

Lastly, you are pretty awesome. Your thirty-five year old self remembers that 16 year old you with great fondness. You are full of color and life, and though it doesn’t completely go away, it does dull a bit. Keep being yourself, because you are pretty dang awesome.

Oh, and one more thing. God will be even more important to you as you grow older. Your relationship will hit some rough parts, but hang on to your faith, one day it will be the most important thing you have. And with that comes the following warning, Your love for people is a gift from God, but never, ever, ever let it take place of your love for God Himself.

Love Beckita. (your name given to you by Ecuadorian friends) (see I told you your life would ROCK!)