Saturday, December 29, 2007

All about me

Perhaps the reason my blog went south for the winter is that I ws busy writing my second novel. It was national novel writing month in Novemeber, and I focused my time into writing. This year I managed to write something readable and after a couple of re-writes and a professional editing job it will be on its way to an agent...or 50 agents. My goal is to get 50 rejection letters by nano time next year.
I rewarded myself, or I should say that Dustan rewarded me, with an early Christmas present. Yes. It's real. I researched my artist for over a year and chose someone who does beautiful feminine tatoos, all without outlines. She was an artist with a brush long before she found she had a skill for skin art

here is the artist gallery in case you are interested.


baewe said...

Love the dandelions becca

Anonymous said...



Kimmie said...

Hey Becka...who do you use for an editor? My daughter(16) has a book (actually 2) that we need to get professionally edited-would love to hear your ideas. I have been praying God would lead us when the time came (and now we are to the end of our editing the time is in the next month or so.)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted