Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I was tagged. Like half a year ago. I'm a procrastinator.

Murali tagged me. It was so long ago that I don't even remember the rules. But. i think I am supposed to name six quirky things about me, and then tag six of my friends. Ha! Like I have six friends. I do, however have at least six family members, who we will pretend are my friends.

Quirky things about me:
1. I am the ultra conservative daughter of a Baptist preacher who has a decent start in covering her body in art (tattoo). I also have some socialist leanings, but unlike the rest of Christian America, I blame that on the Bible.

2. I shut down when politics are discussed. Which makes me a bit of a recluse at the moment. I have a really awesome theory that God is in charge of the universe, and that there are far more exciting things happening in the world than this election for me to both worry and get worked up over. This is a very freeing theory (although- I happen to hold it as fact)

4. I am really bad with numbers. My parents used to joke that my brain would shut off when they read me the story of the Three Little soon as the number three was mentioned. However, I have an uncanny memory for telephone numbers and addresses that are not my own.

5. I always have to be doing something with my hands. Preferably rolling tape between my fingers.

6. I like to sneeze. I think it's fun. Oh, and I like to fart too. When I was a child, my mother washed my mouth out for saying the word fart. Now I fart as often as possible, just for an excuse to announce to the world, "I farted." My two little guys are frequently delighted by my skills. And, as if I was seen as the most talented mom on the planet for my awesome air passing skills, I can also say my name, or any other name, in BURPS. How awesome is that? I was a hit as a preschool teacher when I sang "Row Row Row your boat" all in burps.

I tag:
Carrie who has a lovely and very inspirational blog
My Mom, who cracks me up. Oh. and I love her.
My childhood friendJerusalem (yes that is really her name), who I think has been tagged way recently, but what can I say? My friends are few, I am desperate, and go to her blog anyway, cause she has really neato stuff. You will want to move into her house. Trust me.
hmmm, How bout- Sara because I like to pretend she is my twin, separated by birth. Have you seen her art work?
My sister, who has the funniest kids on the planet.

And Brittany Who I do not know. It's a random blog. But, it appears she is in highschool, and likes to play basketball. I told you I was hard up for friends.


Carrie said...

You make my brain hurt.

muralimanohar said...

Wow. She really does like basketball. I should do that next time, just randomly pick out some stranger in blogland. Hitting that Next Blog button up at the top can pull up some doozies! :p

Gwen said...

Maybe I'm just an old geezer, but I don't think she's in high school (and Brittany, it's Sarah and I, not me and Sarah. You wouldn't say "me went to the camp", you'd say "I went to the camp". Take out the other person you're referring to and say the sentence, that's a trick for figuring out whether it's "me and x" or "x and I"). She looks younger than that to me.

Jerusalem said...

You are too funny my friend. I am with you on the politics (mostly, sometimes I get curious, but never fired up) and the numbers thing...I will try and post my random things soon. It's about time...

muttermit3kinder said...

Dont forget somebody loves you in Germany. I am your friend too. Miss you alot. Michelle

Jen said...

You totally crack me up, Becka. And for some reason, I've never seen a pic of you -- you are so cute! I don't remember how I'd had you pictured in my head, but way different than you look. Does that make sense? No, I don't think it does.
And I big puffy heart your political leanings. Wise advice!!!

Journey to our Ukrainian Angel said...

Hang on. You know Murali??? I hung out with Murali and her kids when we visited Sydney in 2005!!We post on the same message board.