Sunday, November 23, 2008

So. I heard some famous person on tv said that home-schoolers were demented.

I only heard that a famous person said this. I didn't follow the link to find out what the context was, or who this famous person was- because:
a. I don't care
b. I really, really, really don't care.
c. because I wouldn't know a famous person if they slapped me upside the head and stuck a straw in my nose.
d. I just really can't make myself care.

I feel as if I should make a defense for myself. In the year of 1983 my mother (who is undoubtedly demented) pulled me out of school to homeschool me. So, if anyone has a right to speak on behalf of demented home schoolers, It's me. Right?

Oh, and I home school my kids. My kids are second generation home schooled, which makes them an extra special form of demented.

Here's the deal. I want to type out this really cool coherent post in response to this un-known famous person. Alas, I can not.

My fingers are in my ears, my head is wagging back and forth, my eyes are glowing red, and my tongue is hanging out. Bliggity bloggity bloogity blubber blug.

It's all I can seem to get out.

If anyone thought I was going to disagree with the well known famous person (except to me), they would be mistaken. I am definitely demented. I am pretty sure that anyone who knows me agrees.
And the poor clerk at Starbucks tonight agrees. Poor guy. My friends tipped him extra because I made him so distraught. One friend dumped all her change into his tip cup.

And I am SURELY not going to argue about how my children are not demented. Have you met my kids????? They are s.t.r.a.n.g.e AND demented.

However. I don't think it was the home schooling. I think it was genetics. But, maybe it was home schooling. I should definitely leave that option open.


Jerusalem said...

I am a grown HS Kid and I am pretty demented too. And even though my kids go to PS they are a little off-kilter as well. I am going with genetics - and our mothers, God bless them! They had to raise us while our dads were in seminary. I think that would dement anyone just a tad...

Renee Morgan said...

I for one am thankful for "demented homeschoolers".
I am blessed to live in a country founded my several of these demented people. I am blessed to have electricity in my home thanks to that "demented" Edison guy. Oh and this Obama guy that everyone is raving about not sure he would be where he is without the "demented" heritage left by crazy Abe Lincoln.
Seems to me we need more of these "demented" types about.

All said by a "demented" mother of 4 "demented" children.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I am demented, but not home-schooled. Where does that place me? However, I have chosen to dementify (i am so demented I am inventing new words) my children by home-schooling. I guess that would make me demented. Maybe the world would be a lot better off with a lot more demented home-schooled adults running around starting democracies or such.

Anonymous said...

blibbityy blithry blubbery blab

Gwen said...

I'm not demented. But I AM bat-guano-crazy (cleaned up for the sensitivity of potential readers). I blame the public school system. So now what will Ms. Behar say about that I wonder.

sara's art house said...


That famous person is just jealous...:)

Journey to our Ukrainian Angel said...

Oh yeah, my kids are weird too (homeschooled !) and I am demented for homeschooling them. Might I add they are also weird because they do not like eating bloody nearly raw roast beef grandma makes?

We don't have a college fund for our kids, we haved a therapy fund. You know, so they can heal from the demented way they were raised.

you go girl. Funniest post I have read in a lomng time.

mama k said...

Too funny. I'm a homeschool alum myself. So is the hubby. We are on the fence about doing it for our kiddo. I was a public school teacher pre-mommyhood. I can vouch that "demented" is on both sides of the issue. :)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

If parents are quiet, stands to reason that children will be on the quiet side. Genes play such a bigger part in that type of thing than homeschooling. We all know 'those homeschoolers' who's teenage boys walk around in plaid shirts and khaki peg leg pants that are too short. BUT the parents either don't care, or dress like that as well. I have seen public schoolers that my dh will IMMEDIETLY peg as 'those homeschoolers' and it always makes me laugh. 'Those' kids are everywhere, across all education types. My kids look homeschooled sometimes. When my son decides that he is going to grow his hair out and forgets the hat that I have made him wear for the 'growing out' phase, and my dd is wearing a tutu over her jeans and mismatched socks. Oh yes. We are homeschoolers. And whatever. We learn stuff. 'Demented' stuff... every day. ;)

Love Val