Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A wedding, A trip, and a one room home.

We are still alive. I thought I had better post and let everyone know, just in case you thought we might have croaked. Sometimes we have wanted to, but we are still hopping around.

Lindsey married Nick, and is now a Greenfield. I played at photographer. These two are my favorites. I tried to take the pictures in a story form, and since I succeeded, I am naming the story- "And the Bride was Sassy". Almost every picture was full of attitude.

Right after the wedding, we took a two week trip to Ohio where we had the opportunity to stay with my mom and dad as well as to speak at two churches. I also gave the worst speech of my life, and will never live it down. Really. Dustan won't ever let me live it down. Fortunately I have a great since of humor, and though I am mortified at speaking FAR too long, and saying such ridiculous things as "The dirt was REAL dirt- not fake dirt..." (don't ask)... I can still laugh. We all have to have an off day. Right?

Anyhow, I was also able to spend some much needed time with my sister, nieces, and nephew. Danny taught me how to play Zelda, and I stole his DS for two weeks. I almost put it in my bag and took it home with me. But, I left it there and am hinting around that I have a birthday coming up. hint, hint.

Ellianna (Or Ellie-monster)



And, now, we have arrived back at home. A place that is not ours, but is still becoming home. It's a place to lie our heads at night, to share in good (meatless) foods, and a place to make good memories with good friends. I have been busy carving out a spot I can call home and I will bring back some pictures soon. I also want to share a great recipe for Gluten Free peanut butter cookies.


Devon said...

just because you have cute kids for your post doesn't mean you can snooze through mine!

Patty said...

Good to see you back

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Ooo... I can't wait to hear your recipe! I am glad you are back. :) I was wondering where you disappeared to.

BTW... I think any one who talks a lot (and not always for good reason, like in front of people) has a bad day now and then. I have said things that people do not forget... and said things over and over that people wish they could. ;)


Have a great Easter weekend!