Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Esther thinks she can fly:

(Esther is learning to ride a bike- she can go about two feet after Grammy Pammy lets go)

Anyhow, sweet litle Essie might not be able to fly, but she does happen to think her butt works as well as a birds fluffyness. Today she found an intact robin's egg. She brought it to the meanest mommy in the world (me) and told me I needed to put it in a safe place for it to hatch. The meanest mommy in the world informed her that the egg was already cold and that the baby bird inside was rather... dead.

And Esther did not believe me. She insisted it was still alive and that I needed to help her. The meanest mommy in the world (me) insisted that she take the egg outside and leave it for the animals to find and eat. "It's the circle of life", I told her.

"It's still alive", she told me.

And she walked outside.

Ten minutes later she came back in.

With egg yuck all over the seat of her pants.

My five year old child tried to hatch an egg. It didn't work- obviously.

She was okay- at first.

"I have egg on my butt", she said.

I responded as only the meanest mommy in the world could respond:
"Nope- you have dead baby bird on your butt."

And, she wasn't okay.


Patty said...

You are sooo meaan.

Tara said...

Your kids do get it straight from you too!

Gretchen said...

When my kids ask me "whhhhhyyyyy?" (as in whhhhhhyyyy can't I have a piece of candy for breakfast?), I ALWAYS respond, "Because I'm the worst mother in the whole world, hello!"

Gwen said...

Awww, sweet, endearing Essie. Too bad you guys are out of town. We have mourning dove babies on our enclosed back porch. It's perfect because you can watch from the kitchen door window without disturbing them. I think there's an unhatched egg in that nest too. The babies are practicing how to fly. They'll be gone in a couple of days I think.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Sweet girl. That was mean. ;) But you were right.