Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

Just like last year (it's a tradition now), we waited until the last minute to pull together costumes. But- unlike last year, Marcus got to carry weapons.

And like last year, Weston stole the show. And- yes, we did indeed shave the boy's head. It was his idea. He begged- we obeyed. We have to respect our elders you know.

Esther, at the very last moment decided that instead of being the sheep that was already planned out, would, instead be Maid Marion. I just used Marcus' costume for inspiration. Both costumes were made using adult sized T-shirts as tunics and some slits here and there with a pair of scissors finished the job.

These were no sew costumes except for Marcus hat, which could actually have been made with staples. Trust me- I thought about it.

I hope your Halloween was more sweet than frightful, and that your tomorrow will not be filled with dentist appointments.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Those are wonderful costumes! How great! I love the little old man. WOW. :)


Val in the Rose Garden said...

PS One of these days you have to do a tutorial for the tshirt, no sew tunic. ;)