Monday, April 05, 2010

Animales para Pasqua

Esther's friend Gabby had two rabbits. two boy rabbits who spent far to much of their time arm wrestling with their teeth. Lightning here needed a new home, and Esther was thrilled to provide him with one. Lightning was dropped off on the Saturday before Easter. Sort of an accidental Easter bunny.

and while you are meeting our Easter pets....

Meet the chicken yet to be named.

Our pastor and his wife brought me this sweet little fluff ball as a gift. It arrived on Easter Day.

How appropriate. An Easter bunny and an Easter chick, all in one year, and neither was intentional as an Easter gift.

Hooray! I have a chicken! And Rabbit the size of Godzilla!

PS. My chickie-doo has taken to Weston like hot on a dog.
PS #2: Do you have any idea how much poo a baby chick and a giganterous rabbit can create. Hint: It is more than you would think.

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

Congratulations! We will soon have 5 new baby chicks and something furry too. :) I love having animals, and it brings so much to the kids to take care of them. Hope you are having a great night tonight. :)