Monday, August 09, 2010

A cookbook for the Dad

Dustan is having to do far more cooking than he used to. Because my work at the cafe is in the evenings, he almost always needs to make the dinner meal, and I often need help for the lunch meal as well.

Dustan, bless his heart, is not a cook. He is, however, willing. And more than that, when he isn't overwhelmed by all the decisions, he actually enjoys cooking.

So, in an effort to help us both out, I am compiling a photographic journal of our meals. I am using to edit the photos and to add simple recipe instructions.

My plan is to have them printed and then to add them to a scrapbook page with helpful tips. Like:
"Weston won't touch corn with a ten foot pole"
"Marcus would rather eat bunny eyeballs than swallow a small piece of avocado"
"You don't really have to add every ingredient. If you don't have cheese, just leave it off."
"If you don't add cheese, Esther will see no reason to eat at all."

You know- that stuff all mommies know. I will add it to the page, just so he has a reference until he figures it all out.

I also figure that it will leave me space to add alterations when I can. I make alterations automatically. If I am out of mayo, I add yogurt. If I don't have taco seasoning, I know that I can use a variety of other spices to make up for it. Dustan hasn't been in the kitchen to figure all that out.

Without further ado, here are my first two recipes for our book, glamorously named:

Wash the Dishes When You are Done! (It truly is a book of helpful hints)


Michelle said...

Wow, what a great idea! Nico is getting more interested in cooking lately and this may be a great idea to use for her. Only problem is, for my regular meals, I rarely use a recipe but I eyeball things a lot. I may have to put some work into something similar after I try making the meals while measuring.

Robin said...

This is an awesome idea. My boys are all wanting to learn to cook and this would be very helpful.

Alycia said...

Love it!!! How can I get a copy???