Monday, September 13, 2010

Some people should stop growing. It costs me too much money.

I bought Marcus a new pair of pants three weeks ago. They were so long on him that the vendedora told me about a tienda that would hem them for me for just a couple of dollars.

I never got around to having them hemmed, and when he put them on for church, I noticed that not only did they no longer need to be hemmed, but they were a tad short!!!!

Me: Marcus! Ar you crazy?????!!!!!

Marcus: (pops his head up in surprise) Huh?

Me: You REALLY need to stop growing. It costs too much to clothe you.

Marcus: Easy solution mom. Feed me cola and let me stop eating my vegetables. You'll save money on clothes AND veggies.

I love him. But I guess we will let him grow. cause what kind of bad mother would I be if I let him get by drinking soda and not eating veggies????

PS. Tonight he asked to talk to me. (second talk in two nights. The first one was so deep it was disturbing).

"I have decided that I want to be a writer when I grow up. I think I really want to write Christian books to help people understand God. Oh, and I decided I don't want to wait until then to serve him. I want to start now. I think the best way to do that will be to help out around the house or at El Sendero if I am needed. So. If you need anything, just ask. Except dishes. I won't do dishes."

My Marcus. The growing boy. In more ways than one.

PS #2: Some Ecuadorian life:
We visited a small finka (farm) where there were about half a dozen cows. The farmer allowed the calves to suckle a bit and the shooed them off, squirted some fresh milk into a cup, added a spoonful of sugar and gave the kids some to drink.

It was warm, sweet, and the only way to get fresher would have been... never mind. bad image. Haha.

And, after he had filled his bucket, he allowed the calves to return to be fed. It was a sweet kind of day for us.

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Michelle said...

Wow!! Talk about growth! Amazing!