Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I am feeling Random

I like things that are random. Here are some random pictures, I just closed my eyes, scrolled the mouse, and clicked. Utterly and totally random. I'll have to come back and edit to let you even know what they are. Oh, and if there happens to be any nudity, I will need to edit that out too. What? You don't have nude pictures on YOUR computer? Wow. This is the Mystery Rash. It tooks two hospitals and two doctors to conclude that it was harmleass. It took one panicky nurse on the internet to convince me that it was a symtom of a horrible illness that could kill my son. You should have seen his feet. He looked like he had been dipped in acid. Weird stuff.

A skirt I made for my friend Gwen

Ahhh, sweet little Weston. he was 3 in this picture. Five now. I want to smoosh his little baby self with kisses. The best thing about Weston is that he has kept that babiness. You can't help but snuggle with his little cute self.

hmmm....not sure what the deal was with this pic. Maybe I was selling this jacket at one time.

Random thoughts: I will be in Ecuador this time in two weeks. My house is noisy because the rotorooter man is grinding away at the tree roots that are eating my pipes. The kids played in the rain. My house is hot. And humid. I miss my sister. We are having chicken Ala King for lunch. We had strawberries for snacks. My dog bit a little boy. My dog hates people on bikes. My mother in law wants me to throw away all my art work. I guess she thinks it is not worth enough to try to have it sanitized. My brain is broke. I think the fact that my mother in law thinks my art is worthless means that she thinks I am worthless. I never get any good mail. Will you send me any mail? My kids are loud. They are also very wet. I am a wee bit depressed. I am also an underexaggerator. I am also an exaggerator. I haven't been able to do laundry for three days. It will take me three weeks to catch up. I want to go to bed to sleep. I like rain. I like it better when it comes with thunder. I miss my mommy. I do;t have much to say today.

okay. That is unreadble, but it felt good. And. It's my blog, which means I can do anything I want. (including, turning the word "And" into a sentence.


Carrie said...

She wants you to throw away your artwork??? How horrifying. It's salvageable. Don't. you. dare. throw. it. away. Not that I think you would, but still.

I'm having horrid flashbacks at your mere mention of the roto rooter man being at your house. I hope he is able to fix the problem and that he goes away soon.

I'm currently waiting for the idiot plumber to get here to fix our non-working water heater. He's an hour-and-a-half late.

And thanks for sending the comment card on my behalf. I just sent one for you too :)

Gwen said...

You already know how I feel about your MIL's views on what should happen to your artwork.

Want to come over? Oak misses you. I swear he said "becka" this morning. You're welcome over here. The kids will disappear upstairs to play. All will be well.

Carrie said...

Sorry I've missed you when you called. I promise to call you this weekend!