Thursday, May 22, 2008

Toasty Toes News

Actually there is no news. The house has only shown twice and no one wants it. Except me. I love it. Despite the deep cleaning (even the ceiling fans), prettying up the bathrooms, and putting out fresh flowers, no one cares to buy my home.

In other news, I am going camping today. To my favorite place, with my favorite friends. We had planned an adventure, but gas is keeping us close to home, which is fine, because I love our little camping spot.

So, are you bored yet? So am I. I am waiting for a gazillion pictures to load from my camera. All taken at Weston's karate tournament, in which Weston placed third in both events. Don;t get too excited, he was third out of three competitors. And he was disqualified after the sparring match! Wait. Don't get excited again. He was disqualified because the judge noticed he wasn't wearing a mouth guard. His evil mother didn't bother to make sure it was in the bag. He still hasn't forgiven me. Which is a shame, because I easily forgave him when he used crayolas on all my windows,

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Heck, I'd buy your house if we could. Problem is that we wouldn't be able to sell our money pit. :(
Have fun camping!