Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Broken People

Sigh. It seems our world is falling apart. let's break this up into small chewable pieces shall we?

  • Dustan breaks his finger. Badly. it is still not healed.
  • Our basement springs a leak. When we are trying to sell out house.
  • Dustan's car breaks down. 600.00 later and it is fixed.
  • A good friend accidentally rams his mini van (which was incidentally JUST repaired because of a previous accident (not his fault)) into our van.
  • Our dryer breaks.
  • our camping trip becomes a soggy mess, with hundreds of ticks and a case of poison ivy.
  • our van begins to smoke like an old man addicted to cigars.
  • Poor Esther. She broke her arm last night. Poor Esther. poor us.

She thinks she is a princess and she is bossing us around like crazy. What do you do for a bossy girl who broke her dominant arm which is now strapped down flat against her body?
You buy her presents. Of course.

Which she can't open. Of course. This will tick her off (which is slightly humorous, because Marcus found yet ANOTHER tick on his head).
But her brother will come to her rescue.

It is going to be a hard few weeks for us. Hopefully she will adjust quickly, because right now, she is driving us all bat crazy. She can't play with any of her toys. No legos. No Leapster. No Webkinz. Life stinks for Esther. She can't even unzip her pants or eat with a fork. Like stinks for us to, as she calls on us to fulfill her every wish and command. She was already a monster. This is going to make her worse.

PS. I made bullets. Heehee. Sometimes I just have to pat myself on the back.


Renee said...

The kids and I were praying for Esther today. Just hold off a few more days and Marme will give her some Alka-Seltzer and everythiing will be magically better. Hmmm that makes me wonder how is the carseat going to work for her on the long trip?

Anonymous said...

Poor Poor little princess. Marme is praying you get better really soon.

muralimanohar said...

Bullets. :p It's the little things in life, huh?

Get well soon, Esther, and hope no more creepy ticks show up!!

Gwen said...

But what was in the presents?

Jerusalem said...

Oh what craziness! So sorry friend, hope E heals real quick and comes off her throne a little for ya and gives Queen Mama a rest!

Carrie said...

Oh my poor Esther! Tell her that Aunt Carrie and Uncle Moo love her and are praying for her. And for the rest of you. I hate to say this, but your blog post was all too familiar with everything falling down around you. Been there. It's HARD. (Read: understatement of the year) I'll tell you the biggest lesson I learned from what we went through. We don't need to rely on anything but God. He's it. No matter what happens he is still God. I know that sounds simplistic in a sense, but it's pretty cool at the same time.
Hang in there! We're praying.

Val said...

Oh goodness... poor you! (And kids too, but I am rooting for you at this point). I am so sorry things are down like that. Isn't it times when it seems like everything goes wrong that you end up in the middle of the floor laughing your ass off about it?

Blessings and best of luck!


Carrie said...

Woman. Post something on your blog.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Is your puter broken. Hello Hello are you there?