Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tale of a Dad's Day

It was a rough and long day. Started off with a guest preacher who read two scripture verses and then proceeded to yell at us for forty minutes. Oh wait. First I was late for Sunday School. I hate being late. I am not sure there is anything I hate worse than being late. It ruins an entire day. I think today was a bit proofy. (no- proofy is not in a dictionary. I imagine myself a writer, and as such, I get to make up words. if you don't believe, ask Theodore Geisel).

After being late we had to make a run to St Louis for our milk. I do not normally run this errand. A friend usually picks it up for me but this week she was out of town and I needed to pick up both our orders of yummylicious (another made up word) raw milk- straight from the udder. Yum.

Anyhow, I thought we needed to be there at 1. I thought we were terribly late on account of all the yelling running so very wrong. So we rushed. And almost had a million wrecks. Only to find out that pick up time was at 1:30.

We were still late. On account of us getting utterly and horribly lost.

Next on the crazy list was Trader Joe's. Those who are not blessed with a Trader Joes have my sincere condolences. THose who don't even know what it is- it's just the mostest, bestest, coolest grocery store on the planet.

We never made it. Weston threw up in the car. An entire puke buckets worth. Vile smelly stuff. I feel bad for the apartment complex we pulled into and from whom we borrowed their dumpster. Hopefully, for their sake, garbage pickup is tomorrow.

Since it was just a simple case of car sickness, we went on and ate a nice big lunch at TGIF. The day started to turn and we decided to nix the grocery store and take a park day.

It started to thunder. We checked the weather report. Severe thuderstorm watch. BLASTED STINKIN' BAD DAY.

I bet you didn't realize that Thunderstorm watch means to go outside and watch the thunderstorms. We ignored the thunder and played anyway. It never did rain. We had a blast, Dustan felt loved on, and the fresh almost rainy air did us all a world of good.

We came home and had Root beer floats. In case you are wondering- Root Beer floats make a bad day all better. It's true. Try it.


Carrie said...

Sounds like a fun day! Happy Father's Day Dustan :)

Jerusalem said...

oh what a day! at least it ended in yummy goodness. so jealous about Trader Joe's. We don't have one but I have friends who get to go when they visit Chicago and bring me back all sorts of goodness. Maybe Arkansas will catch up one of these days.