Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ice Cream in Ecuador

My children have declared the following Ice-cream the "THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD" Marcus wonders why anyone would ever eat any other kind of ice cream. I can't ever understand what Weston thinks because his mouth is so full of ice-cream that it drips out the corners of his mouth.

It is definitely not a typical ice-cream. It has a more subtle sweetness and a much more "in your face" creaminess. It is definitely worth making.

I flavored mine by adding Tang!
Tang? Yes, it still exists. Here in Ecuador it comes in several flavors including our family's new favorite fruit: Mora Berry.

You could add any kind of flavoring you wanted. Play around with it and make sure you tell me how it turns out.

Thank you to Lucinda, the Brazilian missionary here in Loja. We missionaries are a diverse sort of folk, which will provide me with many different foods to try. YES!

PS. You can see my new dryer outside the window. I give it five stars for energy efficiency but only three stars overall. Unfortunately its consistency in performance is about as consistent as the weather in Loja. Which is to say- not consistent at all.
(However, I must admit that I LOVE hanging my clothes and think that they look very pretty hanging out on the line.)

PS # 2- Yes, those are bars on my windows. I have found the Ecuadorian people to be a very honest lot. Whenever I try to over-pay for my goods (which is all the time, because I can't understand money in Spanish), they always laugh and work diligently to make me understand that they said .30 cents and not 3 dollars. However. They ALL want my icecream and I have to protect it somehow.


Gwen said...

Um, YUM! I just so happen to have to go to the store in the next day or two. I also just so happen to have an excessive amount of sweetened condensed milk in cans because I kept buying it thinking I didn't have any. I was wondering what I could do with it besides make easy key-lime pie, but now I know! Fantastico! (note the use of spanish-ish words)

Patty said...

no fair it's not on the nfns diet. It will be one of the first things I try when I get off of it

muralimanohar said...

Hmm...wonder if the dh would go for it? I hate buying the Safeway brand or Dreyers all the time. Though, I hate buying ice cream, full stop. I am trying to get us healthier, and I am not a fan of ice cream anyway..a double whammy. Now, cheesecake, on the other hand...