Sunday, April 01, 2007

It is Spring, but the cold is not gone for good.

I hear that the nasty weather men are saying it will get cold again. I hate them and am tempted to toilet paper their houses and egg their cars.
I did something that is unusual for me. I decorated for Spring. Must be some bloggers out there rubbing off on me. Remember when I was having so much trouble with surfaces? How does this one look? I found the wooden letter at Micheal's and painted them sunshiney yellow with pastel polkadots. I found the green ducks at Micheal's too and had to buy them. They are GREEN. Someone painted those ducks green, and it had to have been just for me. Who else would buy green ducks?


Anonymous said...

It looks really nice. Love the window look.

Carrie said...

I've never ever decorated for Spring, either. Any time anyone told me they were going to get their spring decorations out over the weekend, all I could picture was them putting easter eggs all over their house.

But I like your letters. They're very cheery. And the green ducks are cute!


Dannielle said...

I keep meaning to say that I really like your green ducks.

If they had been pink, they would have been for me.