Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's a Rainy kind of day here

And we all felt like a treat. So I made pancakes.With homemade berry syrup. Don't worry, I will give you one of my famous recipes at the end.
I made myself a giant pancake that was really more berry than pancake. I did this because I jumped back on my weightwatcher bandwagon. I almost quit last week. I had a big old pity party, convinced myself I was probably back up to my original weight, and yelled at mysef in the mirror. "You are a big fat failure!" I yelled. "You can't do a single thing right. You can;t see a single thing all the way to the finish. Failure...failure...failure..." It echoed wherever I went. I saw my reflection in the door of the microwave. "failure...failure..."

Only, I am not a failure. I can look all around me and see things that I have not failed at. So, I went back to my meeting today. My face was red and I was ashamed because I just knew I had lost all the hard work that I had done. My leader gave me a hug. She told me I was a winner just for showing up. And I knew she spoke the truth. It is far easier to quit in the sight of failure then it is to just push through. And, boy am I ever thankful that I pushed through. I had not by any means gained all my weight back. Not even close. My mind was lying to me. I actually lost 1.5 pounds. Lesson to self: Your grades don't come in until you die. Keep trying. keep working. And do NOT ever ever ever listen to the reflection in the mirror. She is a liar.

By the way, we have gone gluten free here, which means a shift in my recipes. Gluten free families will be thrilled. Everyone else will have to bank on my meat and veggie recipes.

Very Berry Syrup (Becka's Famous Vague Recipe)
Half a bag of frozen mixed berries (from aldi's)
Some sugar. (My guess is 3 TBS- though I admit, 1/2 a cup would have been far better)
Splash of lemon juice
Some water to thin

Heat on the stove. On low. For a long time. When it looks good, pour it on your pancakes.

Marcus loved the berry syrup. He said it was the best ever. I need to replace the reflection in the mirror with him.

PS, the pancakes we Pamela's brand. I have done Gluten Free before and eventually I got brave enough to try the million and one different flours, but for a while, I plan to just use the pre-made mixes. Besides- Pamela knows how to make yummy pancake mix.


Renee said...


You are much wiser that that twit in the mirror.

Your son seems to have learned from his wise mama.

Compliments to the Chef.

An Out of Town Mom said...

Looks super yummy. I may just have to make your syrup. I have a frozen package of berries from Trader Joes giving me googly eyes.

Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

that sounds delicious-thanks for the berry tip too

Val said...

Hey Beautiful Lady. :)

Sounds like a wonderful recipe. I do something similar, but with just strawberries and I thicken a tad bit with some corn starch in the thinning water before I pour it all on pancakes. It is a favorite on my famous veuge recipe... crepes.

Those all look delish!


Dawn D. Lion said...

Those look SO good! Thanks for the berry syrup idea.