Saturday, March 08, 2008

Three Hotels in Three Days...

How Not to Take a Vacation...
How to Survive life in a Hotel With Seven Kids...
Chicken Soup for a Grandma's Soul

Seriously, now, with all that is going on with this post, it's hard to choose a title. Basically, this is going to be a long dreadful story sprinkled with almost a million pictures. The story is meant to be cathartic for me. The pictures are for a grandma who is desperate to see her babies.

It all starts with my sister who has the most hilarious blog ever, but rarely posts. she is moving to Ohio and needed me to watch her kidlets (of which there are four) while she hunted for a house.

Hmmmm. Insanity set in and I said "yes". Seven kids in one hotel room. Seriously. I was insane.
Tip number one:

Bring electronics. Lots of them. Enough to share. Perhaps you will be caught in a blizzard, unable to leave your hotel room. You will be grateful for leapsters, and televisions, and computer, and wiis.

Tip Number Two:
Hot water is very important. Really. it is. Water of some sort at all is even more important. Our hotel decided not to have any, and so, we learned this the hard way. We spent two hours on the phone searching for a new hotel room. We found one. Next door. Right as the blizzard started.

Also, it does help if you are snowed in with some really cute kids.

Tip number three:Don't burn the first hotel down. Especially if they don'thave water.

Tip Number Four:
When all else fails, and when those cute kids decide they no longer want to be in a hotel room that does not have internet (even though it was advertised) and only 8.2 cable channels, then, baths and blowdryers will work for some temporary entertainment.

Tip number Five:
There are crazy quilting ladies from Detroit, Michigan who won't hestitate to drive to Ohio in the kiddle of a real blizzard which is producing 2 ft of snow and zero visibilty and insist on taking your hotel room. Evidentally, crazy people such as those, actually do exist.

Tip Number Six:
Blizzards are real things. It took us twenty minutes and half a heart-attack to drive two miles.

Also, our new hotel has no cable tv. Fortunately Uncle Jesse is willing to entertain the kids with warcraft. Which is good because the wii can't be hooked up here either.


Anonymous said...

Oh the miles you two sisters will go to make memories for you children. And you even thought to make sure they would be able to get stuck in the biggest blizzard ohio has seen in years. And three hotels in three nights thats a record too.

Ken Elsey said...

hmmmm. recipe for a mental breakdown. 7 children, no decent tv, no wii, no water = insanity. I had trouble with 2 children with cable, and hot water, and a swimming pool, and no blizzard (just cold) in Galesburg a year ago. Anyway we are praying for yours and Jesse's sanity. Love you all, Ken

Jerusalem said...

Wow - that is crazy and the stories & memories will be worth so much for the rest of your lives - no one will ever forget it! At least you had a camera and documented all of it. Today Miles found a piggy bank you made back in Memphis - do you remember? I will take a picture and post later this week, when I crawl back from under the wreck that is my house...

Val said...

I have had those trips! OMG... glad you servived. And can still smile about it. :) I agree wholeheartedly about the water. That is the #1 with my kids in a hotel.

My best friend and I have a saying;
"What is good is great, what is bad, is a great story."

Blessings! Glad you are safe and your children servived. ;)