Sunday, March 02, 2008

For the love of Green

And we all know how much I love green. You can;t see it, but I am wearing a green shirt in this picture, and wiping the stove with a green dishtowel. I am greeninsane.Broccoli soup. Green yumminess. Hold for my usual vague recipe.
Does my bowl make you jealous? It's green. Cause, I love green. Dustan bought it for me at a small artist boutique in the AMANA COLONIES. It's itty small, perfect potion sized. I admit though...I had two bowls

Cream of broccoli soup
Melt some butter in a saucepan. Add onions.
Add some flour. Enough to make a dough ball. Cook this thoroughly but do not BURN.
Eat some of it.
Eat some more. Cause Roux is yummylicious.
OKay. Stop eating it now, because it will make you fat and you need it for the soup.
Add some finely chooped broccoli (I used raw, next time, I will steam it first because it took forever to get soft.)
Add milk. I wish I could tell you how much...but if I did, it wouldn't be a Beckified recipe. Add in small increments and just keep adding until it is the thickness you desire.
Add salt. It needs salt.

And then, add some grated chedder cheese to the top, and eat away.
Get seconds. Because it if wonderful good, and it has green veggies in it which will make you healthy. (ignore all the cream and butter you used)

It makes lovely leftover too.
Oh, and a warning against trying to feed this to children. Children do not have the same obsession for the color green that I do. They won't appreciate green soup. Unless they are aliens. In which case, I will trade my green veggie hating kids for you alien child.
For those who need a proper is one that I found that was awfully close to mine:


muralimanohar said...

I love green with a mad, mad passion. And I write my recipes like you. But my kids adore green soup, and beg for it. :p

Peyton's Mom said...

I'm a green freak too!! (is there another color?!)

Soup looks YUMMY!!!

Michelle said...

It is 9am, I am still nursing my first cup of coffee and now my mouth is watering and wanting some of that soup!

My alien children would love it, too.

Becka said...

All you green people make me happy.

Once upon a time my children were aliens too. Then something happened, and they turn up their noses at al veggies. They actually ask, "Does this have any vegetables in it?" when I serve something.

Anonymous said...

love green too! now i know what is for dinner! thanks.

tulanr mama

Renee said...

Elli and Karist would love your soup. Elli is a big fan of anything with "trees" in it.

ken elsey said...

Becka the soup sounds great, even how to make is a must to sample all the way through the process. Although I am not a greenolic i suffer with children and spouse who abhor anything with even a tiny spot of veggie in it. To me it makes for really BLAND food. Imagine no onions, peppers, tomatoes. I am so sad now, and very envious of those who always can partake of veggies at any meal. I guess that makes me green with envy...LOL

Crockpot Lady said...

oooh, becka! I want to make this. yum.

M.KATE said...

tks for sharing the recipe, definitely want to try :)