Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Dream House is a Green House

And apparently it is made of gingerbread and covered in candy. Who wouldn't want THAT kind of house?
It's lighted by candle light, and just outside the back door is a garden, with a garden gate. Oh, it makes my heart wiggle with desire. You can't see it, but it also has a compost heap. Oh, how I have always wanted a compost heap.

Stained glass windows and a teeny tiny well for water supply. How adorable is that itty bitty bucket?

My dream house is heated by a vine covered fireplace and has a pile of wood just waiting to be used for a cozy fire.

It has a teeny tiny clothesline with teeny tiny clothes- made from bubblegum. That way you can wear your clothes and eat them too!

Every year at the Yorkville Family Thanksgiving, there are about fifty (or more) gingerbread houses that are baked and decorated. there isn't a contest, but I won anyway. I judged the non contest myself and though I have been told that judging an imaginary contest and giving myself an imaginary prize is rather unethical, I had to do it anyway. That house just deserves to win.

My kids made one too. But I am showing you mine. I am just that kind of morally debased person.


Jerusalem said...

you are too funny! love, love your house. and you win hands down. even if they are imaginary hands.

Renee Morgan said...

Is that a scarecrow I see in the garden? Does you green house include indoor plumbing?

Dustan and Becka said...

Yep, that is a scarecrow. No outhouse though...I ran out of room.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, but my daughter made one at team kids last Wednesday and I think I can attach it now. KEN

Patty said...

One Sweet house

muralimanohar said...

Ha...I'm all ABOUT the showing off of my own stuff, rather than the kids. Why do you think I have a blog?? :p

You know what, this post is just rubbing it in...I never did a gingerbread house, and then ds got diabetes, so now making one would just be an exercise in cruelty. *sigh* But your's is CUTE! With a compost heap, to boot! :p