Wednesday, February 11, 2009

10.3 (and not the one I promised)

Ten Random thoughts that are rolling around in my brain.

1. I am done.

2. Finished.

3. So very done.

4. I am NOT kidding

5. If I were a cake, and you stuck a fork in me, the cake would come out with the fork. Because it was a burned up piece of rock.

6. If you asked me to take a long walk off a short pier; I would. Then I would drown, because I am doner than doner than done.

7. I quit.

8. Some worlds will end. Most will continue to turn. the planet Beckasan has blown into tiny shards sending shrapnel into the entire known universe, making everyone else wish that they too, were DONE.

9. I think it is cool that I have have my own planet. I just wish it had a cooler name. Maybe Beckawsome? Or Rebappy? Or just BecDONE!

10. I don;t have any more random thoughts. My brain quit just a few milliseconds after I did.

And I can't tag anyone. I'm too done.


Renee Morgan said...

Sounds like your kids dumped out the game closet and redecorated you desk, kids, walls, and couch with marker. Perhaps they also dumped the cannister of hot chocolate in the pantry floor. Can I join your done team.

Lindsey said...

I'm totally joining the done team. 7 stores and no bra. I didn't even hear the story about getting lost, and then to top it all off I get online to order the bra from penneys only to find out - OUT OF STOCK. Its back ordered and wont be able to come in for another week, so I did not order. They have ONE left at the south county mall in my size, it better be there tomorrow. Because, I'm done. I'll just go bra-less.

Patty said...

Your nutso. My thoughts were random

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Gosh I felt that way yesterday when Alex made cookies and left them in the oven when he went to his friends house... so I woke from my nap to a kitchen filled with smoke. Yeah. Done.