Sunday, December 31, 2006

It might be Christmas on this blog for a while yet...

I have a bit of catch up to do, and we had such a wonderful Christmas that I dearly want to share it with all my bogger friends.

This is my dad. He is reading the Christmas story from Luke 2. Usually we do a choral reading but we strayed a bit and did something different this year. Marme and PaPa hid several ziplock bags that held figures, essential to the Nativity story and my children ran gleefully around the house trying to find each one. They brought them back to PaPa, who let them tell why that figure was important to the story. Then my kids sat in awe as he read, a story so old, and so fresh. I am always amazed how much the Christmas story reminds me of Spring.

Here the kids are looking at an ornament that I painted when I was a young teenager. It has Joseph on one side and Mary on another.

Save this idea for your next Christmas day. It worked out wonderfully. The kids were so excited to find the "treasures", and it was a heart softening experience for the adults who looked on.

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