Thursday, December 07, 2006

Speaking of Work in Progresses

I am working on a quilted appliqued wall hanging as a gift for my Mother In Law. I have never done an applique before. I have never quilted before. At some point during this project I realized I was out of my ever lovin mind. At some point yesterday, when I looked at the almost completed top, I realized that it is fun, and often times surprising to be a bit crazy. Dustan's mother collects nativity sets, and I think she is going to really love this.
I still have to add the batting, do the quilting, and then bind it. But it is close enough to done that I am confident I will be able to finish. I am a little worried about my machine being able to take such tight turns (especially for that hay), but she is a glorious little hard worker of a machine, and she will do her best.


Meg said...

Good luck! Sounds like it will be terrific when it's complete.

Carrie said...

Hey! Looks like you're doing a good job! I still need to work on *someone's* lots of work to do. There's only 2 weeks left!

Good luck in finishing it. You can do it!


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