Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's December and life is supposed to be crazy

But it doesn't help to have 850.00 worth of tree clean-up. We had planned on doing most of the work ourselves, but life is already slipping us by...and we were going to have to have someone come and repair the trees anyway (We have three large Oaks that were damaged badly enough to need professional help) and so, we will add on some extra $$ and have them do the cleanup as well. The good news is that we will never have to buy wood for our campfires again. In fact, I don't think anyone in a 30 mile radius needs to buy firewood for a long long time. There is a free for all on firewood around these parts. It is sad to see the damage, and to think of how many people are still without power.

Here is a humorous side to the storm: It seems like we have a couple of new trees. But looks are deceiving and these are just a couple of branches thrust deep into the ground. One branch fell upside down. It makes me chuckle to think about it. It's always good to find a smile in the middle of a situation that has you doling out several hundred dollars.

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