Sunday, March 11, 2007

Guess what?

It's Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!! (or at least the St Louis area is pretending that it is Spring!!!!! And as long as it doesn't decide to pretend it's winter again, I don't care.)
Dirty Knees
Dirty Tools
Dirty Hands
Dirty Kid
Another Dirty Kid
Not So Dirty Kid enjoying a slushee from QT- the first of the season

Oh, and also, I am a plant murderer. I am actually a SERIAL plant murderer. This is my third batch of lily bulbs I have transplanted in the Spring instead of the customary Fall moving of bulbs. They always die when I do this. And I never care. I don't actually like Day Lilies. They look like cornstalks until they bloom, and then they only bloom for a day or three.
So..I am a plant killer.

BTW, all the work is being done in order to make a couple of flower beds into a functioning and practical veggie garden. (Maybe I harbor some ill will towards flowers that I didn't know about.

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