Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sometimes, great treasure can be found in the trash

On our way to church Sunday night, I noticed one of our local stores had made a recent move and was cleaning shop- so to speak. They had piles of stuff out in the parking lot. Some book racks caught my eye, but I left with dibs on three shelves. I have two exactly this size, and I like how they look at the side of my mantle. This weekend, I hope to paint that brick wall white, and the shelves will be painted a nice spring green. The other bookcase is longer and has padding running alongside it! Woohooo, a window seat with built in book shelves. That went straight to my room to await a paint job and some new fabric. By the way- I paid nilch, for these. They were completely free!
I did however pay for this lovely thing. 100.00! Okay, maybe some of you have children too young or too old for the train craze, and you will not understand what a deal this was. To put it in persepctive, ONE, just one, of the larger track pieces costs over 50.00. I am hoping to sell this on craigslist for 300.00, which leaves me enough to buy buy myself an inexpensive serger!

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Sarah and Jack said...

LOL, we just bought Jack a Thomas table off Craigslist. He loves that thing.