Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Could it be?

I am almost afraid to believe it, but the birds chirping outside my window seem to believe it with all their chirp hearts.
My rose bushes tell me as well, that winter has turned the corner.
But winter is so fickle. Perhaps she will decide to come back.

I am feeling a bit pessimistic about the whole thing. Honestly, I was convinced we would never see the sun again.

The little birdhouses on my mantle are child made. THey are just painted bricks with some dried something or other poked in the holes and cardboard roofs. Grammy Pammy helped the kids to make them and they turned out beautifully. Far better than any decoration that is store-bought.


Val said...

I love the birdhouses! Those are super cute... Cyan and I will have to make some for friends and family. :)

Spring is here too... but also very fickle. It keeps frosting, and the weather is so wet. It is actually depressing me at the moment.

Hope your day is warm and sunny!


Mighty Mouse said...

I know what your up to!

Mighty Mouse said...

I hope I can trust you. lol Well I guess it doesn't matter anymore, I sopose my mom trusts you enough :)