Saturday, April 05, 2008

Crazy is contagious

We have a really great chiropractor. But he is crazy. Seriously. We call him Dr. Quack behind his back. However, I take what he says very seriously (after I make fun of it). So, when my regular physician (who is brain deaf) refused to help me with some health problems, I took my issues up with Dr. Quack. Dr. Quack says he knows just what to do (after 200.00 and a slew of bloodwork).

Something something (I forget what it is called), is out of whack. And, according to the crazy man, we can knock it back into whack by drinking green tea with honey and lemon for two days. ONLY tea with honey and lemon. Nothing else.

So. I am on this crazy fast, suggested by a crazy doctor. Which infers that I too am crazy.

But, hopefully my something something (whatever it is called) will get back to normal and my health will return.

Meanwhile, I am a big cranky (and crazy) mess.


Val said...

Goodness lady. That is a big deal... How are you feeling now that it is over? Are you feeling better at all?

Take care! And eat good foods today. :)


Dawn D. Lion said...

I would be vomiting if I did that fast... I can't drink green tea on an empty stomach. But otherwise I like fasts - I hope it cures you.

Splaneyo said...

Looking forward to hearing the results of this one - I haven't heard of green tea. My step-grandmother used to go on a watermelon diet every now and then and I have heard of grapefruit, but green tea?