Thursday, April 03, 2008

So, have you missed me?

We had some computer problems around here. Problems as in our laptop went belly under. There was a blessing hidden in the disaster though. I had just decided to back up my photos and my badly written novel before it kerflunkt. After a couple of weeks of trying to fix the thing and looking for a new computer, we went with what we were familiar with. Only I am not as familiar as I thought. It took me two days to figure out how to get a photo exported to load into blogger. The new I photo is super cool...but so distant. And I don't think she likes me very much.

Anyhow, while I was gone I curled up with some books. Here's the funny part of this otherwise boring story: I have packed away all my books in order to stage the house for selling. I am not able to go to the library because I think they may have out a warrant for my arrest (I owe them 53hundredmilllion dollars). So, I was stuck with the kid's books. I re-read every one of their collection of Beverly Cleary. I felt like a kid again. In honer of the occasion, I put a scoop of whip cream on every cup of coffee. It was fun. A nice break from reality. But, I am going to miss Klicklakit Street.

I also highly recommend a book that Danielle lent to me. My Side of the Mountain and it's two sequels (By Jean Craighead George) are some of the best children's literature I have ever read- and I have read a lot. Show me a child, and I will show you a human that at one time has wanted to run away and try to make it on his own. This book is like a dream come true. Sam runs away to a mountain, carves out a house in a tree and begins to live a happy healthy life on wild veggies and meat caught by his best friend; a falcon. The imagery is superb, the values are life enhancing, and the story is so much fun.

The only problem is that I am now convinced that if I leave my house, with my children, who are throwing legos at each other, my yard that is flooded, my basement that is seeping water, my kitchen with never ending dirty dishes; that I will be able to survive. The only thing holding me back is the fact that at no time in the story was Sam able to find some chocolate. or coffee. He lived on tubers and Squirrels. And I don;t think I am quite ready for that yet. But. If the kids get any more unruly...I might be.


Michelle said...

Oh yes, I've missed you! The coffee looks yummy and I may have to look up those books! :)

Devon said...

I missed you. More than your blog actually. I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. :)

muralimanohar said...

My Side of the Mountain...I loved that book. I actually had/have a huge thing for survival stories, and just re-read Hatchet, too. :p

I find myself reading kids books a LOT, nowadays....I've usually read most of them, and therefore, am more comfortable reading them in short bites, rather than gobbling in one sitting, which I always feel compelled to do for more adult books that I haven't read before, to the complete detriment to the house. :p