Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh snot

It's Monday again. I don't have anything to say. My life is so far from decluttered that I wouldn't know where to begin in giving you advice to declutter yours.

Right now, I am dreaming of running away. Canceling every activity, and moving into a camping cabin at carlyle Lake. I will throw my phone into the water and cook every meal from a campfire.


I did however get together a bag of books to donate to the children's hospital. Didn't do much for decluttering my life, but at least one bookshelf looks a tad better.

In other news:
Today, Esther turned Four
No more
No less
So for her I wish to bless
Just a little wish to say
I wish she were well on this special day
But since she is not
I hope she doesn't drown in her snot.

I never claimed to be a poet.


Val said...

Oh gosh... you read my mind. Can I come with you? I was having such a hard time last week. I seriously cried or screamed once a day at least. One day I hid in the bath tub for hours. Sigh... it was a long week. This week however, has been much better... and I am going to say that yours will be to... just cus I said so. Lol... (you think I am kidding. Alas, I am not. You WILL cheer up. :p ;) )

Love Val

Anonymous said...

oh my a writer and a poet too. Your Family is blessed. Happy Birthday sweetest Essie.

Jerusalem said...

Can I run away with you? Hehehe...
Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!