Saturday, August 02, 2008


1 Computer geek who is serious and shy + 1 drama queen who can't keep her mouth shut
1 neat freak who loves order and schedules + 1 messy woman who flies, always, by the seat of her pants
1 lover of finance who ENJOYS getting bills + 1 crazy mad woman who loses interest as soon as a number is even mentioned
1 man driven by duty and responsibility + 1 girl who follows the sound of fun and the noise of change

eleven years of crazy happiness.
eleven interesting years... for sure. You just can't be all that boring with that kind of a pair.

So, Dustan. Would you do it again? Why the raised eyebrow? You better say yes or I will put snot in all your socks.


Patty said...

You too are the perfect pair. Congrats on Dustan not sending you to the circus.

Anonymous said...

congrats on eleven years

Anonymous said...

congrats you two. Such a wonderful thing to see two opposites so well suited for each other. Hard to believe it has been eleven years. But, God is good and makes good marriages that confound the ordinary man. God bless you both.

Sarah and Jack said...

Thank you for that link! Love ya! (wink)