Monday, January 01, 2007

A homemade Christmas

Here is a finished picture of the quilted wall hanging after MIL opened it. My machine was really acting up on me and the bobbin threads kept jumbling up. MIL is inspecting the mess in this picture. I was proud of it, the quilting part was really difficult and because we all know that I have an issue with finishing things...I am proud that it even got completed in the first place.

My little ones made this nativity set while staying with Grammy Pammy. I think it is ingenious, as well as the most beautiful nativity set I have ever seen. It's made from toilet paper rolls and almost 100% done by the hands of children. Grammy Pammy thought they were making it for her. That was the plan anyway, but when they finished, they couldn't bare (bear?) leaving it there, and so...It come home to me, and it will be my main nativity set next year.

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Carrie said...

Sorry to hear your machine was acting up on you. That really does make things a little more difficult! But it looks nice, you did a good job! I'm sure Pam liked it.

Hope you guys are healthy now!