Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I am completely unsurprised at the results of this quiz.

Which Classic Heroine are You?

I am:
Jo March

Josephine March, from Little Women, is a tomboy who loves writing, acting, and her family. She dreams of seeing the world and publishing her book.

51% Jo March
33% Elizabeth Bennet
32% Eowyn of Rohan
31% Anne Shirley
29% Maid Marian
29% Wendy Darling
21% Emma Woodhouse
20% Jane Eyre
14% Helen of Troy
13% Juliet Capulet

So, people who know me best, were you surprised? LOL. I bet not a single iota. I was slightly dissapointed that I didn't have more Anne Shirley in me.

On the homemaking front, I must admit, the reason my blog has been so scarce lately is because I have been in a bit of a funk. Nothing looks right. I look at other blogs and I just get jealous because they can take such simple things and make a beautiful display from it. I have no display skills, and my beautiful things always end up looking like clutter. My surfaces have three choices
1. Bare
2. Cluttered
3. "Ummm, what was she looks a bit stupid".

Somebody send me some tips on how to make the tops of my bookshelves, tables, and mantle all look fabulous.

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Dannielle said...

I'm Jane Eyre