Monday, January 22, 2007

No one can have too much love

And every dog needs a friend. right?

We brought this itty bitty girl home Sunday night and she has stolen our hearts in a big way. She might be tiny, but she has the attituude of a BIG dog. She has already rolled Heidi over. I don;t know how she did it- but this is one fearless little dog. They called her Sally at the shelter and we think the name fits her just fine. So, we welcome Sally to our home, and we welcome all the love and joy she will bring us.

Sweet sweet doggies, tuckered out from playing tag and from figuring out who was going to be the boss of every single toy.

This is their favorite game. Heidi will pick up a toy and bring it over to Sally, just for the opportunity to play Tug of War. Surprisingly- teeny little Sally wins, much of the time. The boys and I (with the help of a friend) made several of these tug toys. I saw them made at Petsmart for 6.00 and said "I can make that!". And so I did. They are just strips of flece, braided and knotted. It was a super easy project for the kids, and so cheap that I don;t mind if they get shredded and destroyed by Heidi the destoyer dog.

We found Sallly from This petfinder page If you are on the lookout for a new pet, please check out Petfinder. It helps to link up animals who have no home, with people who have room in their hearts and home for four legged (and some two legged) creatures.


Leona said...

What a cute little dog. Enjoy her!

Daisy Cottage said...

Sally is precious! Bless you for giving her a wonderful family. May she bring you much joy!