Friday, January 19, 2007

Tag: I'm it

So, Danielle has informed me that I am now a member of the six things about me game. I am to list six weird things about myself, and then, I am supposed to tag six new people. That should be fun...I don't think I KNOW six people!

1. I have a freckle in my eye. Look real close and you can see it right outside my pupil. It is a real, honest to goodness freckle and matches the rest of the browny red spots that can be found here and there all over my face.

20. I had close to twenty different majors and minors while in college. I, however, have not a single degree. The ones I am closest to finishing are Theatre and Sociology. I have a semester left for both degrees. The above picture is a publicity picture done for a production of "Twelve Angry Jurors" I played a pregnant juror #6.

3. I love Dandelions: They are my favorite flower. In my not so humble opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than a field of green green grass, dotted here and there with dandelions. NOTHING.
(dandelion skirt and top made by me)

4. I enjoy body art- tattoos. I am a fairly conservative person, who grew up as a PK (Pastor's kid), and people are usually shocked by the revelation that I have a tattoo. If Dustan was not so appalled by the idea, I would have my body covered. As is it, I have one, a dandelion (go figure) that wraps around my belly button. One half is the flower head, and the second half, on a different stem is the seeded head...with a few seeds blowing away in the wind. When I got pregnant, it looked more like a sunflower than a dainty dandelion, and after I had a baby, it looked more like a mess than any form of actual art.

5. I had an 11.13 oz baby at home. In the comfort of my own bed.

6. Because my public school teachers called my mother at least once a week, crying because I was such a rotten parents were forced to pull me out of school and homeschool me. I was homeschooled 3rd-12th grades with a stint in a private school in 7th. That didn't work out so well. I had detention every single day, and 4 swats during the year. There is nothing more humiliating than being a 13 year old girl receiving swats at school. It was horrible, but it didn't encourage me enough to act more appropriately. It made me even more obnoxious. Now I am so very fortunate to have a daughter who takes after me. I am getting very close to sending all my former teachers a note of apology. I have already apologized to my mother--nearly every day.

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