Thursday, February 01, 2007

Surface Problems:

Warning: This post will have a LOT of pictures, and they will all demonstrate my lack of skill in arranging clutter. These areas are an embarassment to me, and I post them in hopes that some blog friends across the blogging universe can help me create that creative, put-together look I want so desperately to have. HELP ME!!! I have skills in other areas, this is not one of them, and it will be painfully obvious as you browse the following pictures.

Perhaps the ugliest spot in my house. I love these hatboxes and bought them to use as an endtable, but my current furniture arrangement doesn't allow for an extra endtable. So, I stashed these in an empty corner, and put some misc, crud on top. THe little green and brown things must go somewhere! They were a mother's day gift to me from Weston. Aren't they pretty? Want to know what they are? Help me find a better place for them and I will tell you.

And the dog crates double as an endtable in my family room. Eventually they will have pretty covers, but until I get the motivation to get them made, I am just piling on some random items.

Probably the nicest arrangement I have. This is a tiny shelf where we hold homeschooling workbooks and such. I think the only reason I like it is because of that gorgeous picture of Esther.

UGLY. Nothing else to say. It's plain ol ugly. It humiliates me.

A small work area for me, in my living room that doubles as a homeschool room.

Top of the bookshelf. THis shelf has so much potential. Why can't I get it to look right? Oh, and the gold frame is an obvious error. It was thrown up there during a recent furniture rearranging and I just tossed it up there for lack of a better place.


Tara said...

my only suggestion is to hire my aunt, she's wonderful at decorating

Becka said...

Send her a link to her blog, and tell her I will send her something special if she decorates my house, soley from online pictures.