Friday, August 03, 2007

Hi. My name is Becka. And I'm fat.

I'm not saying this for attention, or a chance to have 100 people tell me I am not fat. The fact is, I am obese, and becoming more so. I had a scare while visiting a frined in the hospital. Her roommate was ill with leg ulcers caused by diabetes. My dr had already told me that was the road I was headed down, but nothing quite got me off my rear like seeing that woman in the hospital. I have lots and lots, and even more excuses on why I am the size I am. I'm not going to make them- this time, I am just going to do something about it.
I joined weight watchers. Tuesday was my first meeting and I think, it was, perhaps, the most embarrassing day of my life. And now, I am putting all my shame out for all of blogland to see. I do this, because I am hoping to have some blog friends join me. I am hoping that I will not be the only one who is struggling. As I find recipes and foods that I love, I will post them. The "diet" I am on is called "Core". I can have all I need of anything from an approved list of foods. Bread is not on this list. Wahhh, neither is sugar. But fruits and veggies are. So are whole grains, and many meats. There is a great deal of food from every single food group and I can eat as much as I need to feel full without having to worry about counting anything. This works out perfect for me because I hate counting. I also happen to be a stickler for following rules (as long as they make sense to me).
To start off my confession week, here was my lunch today. Don't try to tell me this is a diet. This is gourmet stuff and it was beyond delish. I was full after this serving, but if I had still been hungry, I could have had another helping.Strawberry Spinach Salad with canadian bacon, soy cheese, black olives, and fat free vinagrette dressing. I was quite sceptical about this, as was Marcus who saw me take the first bite. 'that looks disgusting mom" (when did he stop say bugusting?) he said. I chewed. He watched. "Is it good?" he asked. 'ummhmm, pretty good." I replied. "Want a bite?" One great thing about my kids is that they will try almost anything. He fisnishes the only bite I am willing to share with him. He decrees that: "It's pretty good." Then he inform me that he has discovered a TRIPLE Homophone- "You, Ewe, U" all with vinagrette dripping down his chin.
One day I will be healthy. If I miss his wedding, or the birth of his child, it won't be because I died of fatness.


Carrie said...

That salad looks waaaaaaaay yummy. Now I want some. But that would mean I'd have to go to the grocery store because I'm out of strawberries. And spinach. And canadian bacon and vinegarette dressing.


Gwen said...

I'll do this with you if I can cheat and share your lists. And if the kids don't eat all of the strawberries faster than I can buy them...

Gretchen said...

Weight Watchers is awesome. You can do it, mama! (I'm doing it too)...have you joined the challenge at Amity?

Lauren said...

Good Luck! WW is a great program.

Their message boards are great for support as well.