Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Love and Hate

This will be a post about my relationship with things. Not people. Not ideas. Not God. Just things. because face it. i love things. And I hate some things too.

Ten things I love:
1. Polka Dots
2. The color Green
3. My wooden Clogs
4. Pockets
5. Buttons
6. The sheets on my grandmother's guest bed.
7. Socks- but only when I have to wear shoes...and only if they are funky and goven to me by my children.
8. Books
9. Marcus' artwork
10. Open Shelves

Ten things I hate:
1. Hair products
2. Pastels
3. Lonaburger baskets
4. Geese
5. Birkenstocks (love the look hate the lack of comfort)
6. Jeans that cut into my waist
7. Math
8. Cookie Cutter Suberban Neighborhoods that cut down all the trees and cause the dissapearance of millions of acres of farmland. They also destroy the old historic homes just because they make the neighborhood look bad. Nothing makes me angrier than to see a bulldozer in a newly mown-down cornfield
9. Scratchy facrics
10. Mahogany

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