Monday, August 06, 2007

It's still summer

In August my mind mentally slips into "Fall Mode". The weather outside is SCREAMING at me that It's still Summer. With the heat index at well over a hundred degrees, the kids and I trooped off for a TeenMOPS Pool Party.

The water was devine. Boy did it ever make me want an inground pool to lounge in these awful midwest summer days. My kids are swimming like fish now, which is a wonderful far cry from the beginning of the summer when they wouldn't even put their heads in the water. I really think children's brains are wired like light switches. Somehow, someone just has to switch those buggers on, and insto pretso, aha, there is light. Someone switched their swimming lights on, and away they go...
Here's a precious shot of one of our little babies. Her name is Porshe and her mom is a sweet 15 year old girl who is desperately trying to learn mommyhood. Everytime I am with these girls, I am inspired to be better. One of the girls does the hokey pokey with her baby every time she dresses him. "Put your right armin, put your left arm in, Put your arms in, and shake them all about." So tender and sweet. Her baby will know his right from left by toddlerhood.

Anyhow, I know I rambled a bit. Go forth and enjoy the rest of your summer. And if you are in St Louis...Stay in and enjoy your air conditioning.

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