Thursday, August 16, 2007

It must be Food Day in Blogland

As I travel through the realm of Blog, I am greeted with the delicious sights of oatmeal Cookies from Kim's Daisy Cottage. And then a little bit later I was practically assaulted with images of homemade pretzels at SplaneyoDo those golden things not look as if you could reach into your screen and gobble one (or four) down in a nano second?
I thought I better contribute.
Really. We all had a bite and tossed it. Its an apple and cheese Fritatta and the eggs turned green and it tasted burnt, even though it most definately was not. Just yuck. It looks pretty though...
Yummy. Black bean burger topped with homemade guacamole and a side salad. THis is not diet food. This is goumet eating. My kids had peanut butter and bananna sandwhiches which by far made up for this morning's disaster.

I got hungry for a snack this afternoon and reached into the fridge for my strawberries, I couldn't find them anywhere and I turned around to see this:
Esther claims this little deed. Her mouth is stained red from her nose to her chin which verifies the confession. Her impish little smile did nothing to help the situation. "Dem trawbery gooooood, mama."

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Splaneyo said...

Okay, I have never had a black bean burger, but it sounds really good. Is it something you made? My 3 year old would love it too. His 2nd favorite thing to eat is a bowl of black bean with a dollop of green salsa and cheese. His most favorite - chili and cheese tamales. He also loves avocados. Crazy kid! The other two are like feeding birds - same thing over and over. They are really pains! Looking forward to hearing more about the bean burger.