Wednesday, August 15, 2007

An Uncluttered Life

I'm back from a trip to the cabin. It was so joyful there. I have been trying to figure out why I am so much happier there than I am at home. Dustan once said that he never saw me happier than when I am camping. Why is that?
I still have to cook.
I still have to do laundry.
I still have to wash dishes.
I still have to separate my children from a billion squabbles.
I still have to hear "Mommy, I want..." over and over and over and over again.
Why are all these things fun when I am not at home.

It's because they are ALL I have to do. My life away from home is so uncluttered. There is time to breathe...and to live.
No telephone pulling me away from drawing in the dirt with a stick.
No email to answer, which frees me up to teach my kids how to play rodeo on pool noodle horses.
No appointements to scramble to. instead I can take a nap in the hammock and find diamond shaped impressions on my face.
No expectations which means no one will care if I count Lake water as a "good enough" bath for my kids.
No one to impress which means I can wear the same clothes twice and no one will care.

Somehow the big challenges of the day (figuring out how to get the foam rocket out of the top of a pine tree, or settling the argument about whose frog is whose, or deciding if we should go swimming or play in the mud) become so much more fun when there isn't other (more important) things competeing for my time. The same things that frustrate and bore me at home, are so appealing and relaxing when I am taken away from all that other time consuming, energy draining turmoil.

I know how to unclutter my house. Someone tell me how to unclutter my life.


Carrie said...

Cute picture! Glad you had a good time :)


Splaneyo said...

I love your post and I wish I could help, but I face the same problem.

Do I really need to say? said...

Nope, sorry I don't have time to tell you how to unclutter your life. I'm too busy uncluttering mine.