Friday, August 24, 2007

I can't spell.

I am guessing, that if you have ever read a single thing that I have written- you already know that fact. I simply am very horrible at spelling. I pretty much stink at typing too.

Dustan was reading through my recent blog posts last night and commented on the seemingly hilarious errors. he asked me why I didn't proofread before publishing my post. I shamefacedly admitted that I DO proofread. It's just that I become disinterested in what I write after it is written. I hate proofreading and I easily skim over errors.

I blame this habit of mine on my mother. See, I was homeschooled. After grade three I never saw a spelling test and since I can type (badly) 45 words a minute with my hunt and peck method, I blew off the Mavis Beacon computer typing program my parents tried to force me to take. Mom was just too soft on me and so, I blame her. I happen to blame her for all those other rotten character flaws I have too. Wait...I blame a few of them on my dad. Basically, this is not my fault. it's someone else's and I don't want to change.

But I will. Last night I dreamed that I wrote the next Great American Novel but that it was turned down because the agent couldn't get past, "She climd over de hil and saw to her dimae dat the hors wus indied gon." Why I was writing a story about a horse, I will never know. I also remember that I was baffled by my lack of comma use. I always use commas. I am in love with commas. How could I have written a sentence without a comma? The agent was more concerned with the fact that it was unreadable. We argued over the importance of spelling and then I suddenly found my self swimming in the Arctic Ocean being chased by polkadotted sharks. I woke soon after I was bitten on my rear end.
Anyhow, I should learn to spell. And to proofread. And to type. And to not start sentences with a conjunction.
Maybe I will. Maybe I won't. Maybe I should hire someone to do it for me?

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Anonymous said...

That's write blame it on ur muther.