Friday, January 18, 2008

Crockpotting my day away

I woke up today, inspired by a blog I found several weeks ago. 365 day of Crockpotting! What a treasure. This crazy woman has vowed to use her crockpot every day for a year. her craziness, my gain. She also cooks with gluten free recipes and since we will be back on a gluten free diet in just a few weeks, I was THRILLED. Anyhow, she used her crockpot for making chicken stock and I decided to try it.
(With a few changes) What I lovd about her recipe was that she blended up all those yummy and wholesome veggies into the stock. I loved this because now I can pretend to be healthy! Yay!

I have two crocks agoing because I had enough chicken parts (Thanks to Angel Food ministry) to fill up both. The were fully cooked at about noonish and I deboned them. I hate- I mean I absolutely abhor deboning chicken. Yuck. It's a disgusting job, but I did it with gusto. I reserved some broth for tonights dinner, which is very loosly based on an internet recipe, but I changed it so much, I will just make it my own and take credit for it. Then i addes veggies, and mushroom stems (which crockpot lady didn't add, but hey, I needed the caps for my dinner, might as well toss those stems into the stock crock). anyhow, now I have a crock of stock and one of veggie rice chicken lickin soup. I just made up that name. I'm clever, ain't I? the lickin part makes it mine.

Veggie Rice Chickin Lickin Soup (Please don't sure me KFC)
chicken pieces (umm, if you have read my blog, you know I don't much deal with measurements)
Chicken broth (preferably the stock you cooked your unknown amount of chicken pieces in)
Water (to thin out that highly concentrated broth
A box of shrooms
Green onions (a handful)
Sage (everything that was left in my little guess was 2.5 pinches)
Italian seasoning (A sprinkle...maybe 5)
Half an onion (doesn't count as a measurement since you have no clue what size my onion was....but it was large)
celery (a bunch- chopped beyond recognition since my family hates the stuff)
carrots (LOTS!)
rice (1 Cup- YAY, a real measurement...but i warn you to cut it in half. It soaked up ALL my yummy broth)

Cook it for as many hours as it takes to get done (I love how my recipes take on a life of their own) and then eat it up, with some frozen rolls if you want to. you will need some frozen rolls (but cook them first) because as soon as your kids see all those veggies, they will freak, puke, and then demand to eat only rolls.


carrie224 said...

Woo hoooo that's a lot of crockpotting.


Crockpot Lady said...

yay! I found you! (I found you through my sitemeter) I've been trying to contact you all week---but in your profile it lists a different blog and then Marcus'.
Anyhow, I'm so glad that you have been having fun with your crockpot, and if you ever want to chat about going gluten-free, let me know!

fiveminds said...

I found your site through the crockpot lady's site; and she found me who knows how, after just being up a short time and having told no one of my blog, not even my husband at that point. In case you're reading this steph, I forgot to tell you that! Anyway, I love my crock pot, too, but seeing your duo sitting on your kitchen counter was a revelation to me. I think I need a second crock pot! I'm also happily gluten free, Julie