Friday, January 04, 2008

Draw the Curtains Amelia Bedelia

I have childish echos of hilarity rolling around in my head as I imagine Miss Bedielia pulling out her art pad and drawing my curtains. It took a visit from my mother (and her standing over me with an axe) to finally get some curtains up on these windows. My MIL would be bursting in pride (in fact, she did burst with pride) over the fact that I spent less than 3.00 per panel. My MIL buys clothes, brand new, for my kids for just pennies. She decorates her house on .75 cents, and when she found out how much I had paid for my curtains, her face shone with a look of, "I taught you well grasshopper. I taught you well." Oh, and when she found out that they were really just clearance tablecloths she almost exploded with joy. two full living room windows for 6.00. I would say that I am feeling rather thrifty. They need tiebacks, but I can do those later. or not.
And the dining room. Just two dollars. I think I will add a couple of panels as Dustan says these look a little...tableclothish. Perhaps if they were more full?

Life isn't perfect yet. Prrof is found at the family room sliding door whic has some flannel tacked up with tiny map pins. Those will be done one day. Or not.
Life is crazy here at the Toasty Toes mansion. And our toes are anything but toasty, I assure you. I took some pictures of our construction mess and maybe I will post some of the dissarray tomorrow, in an effort to save someone else from the trauma of a whole house re-do.


Gwen said...

I need those dining room curtains. Do not be surprised if I offer to watch your kids and you return home to discover those curtains missing. I will come up with some cockamamy story about them being in the laundry because they were filthy and it will be days before you figure it out. In the meantime, my kitchen will finally have curtains. Because, as you know, those are simply perfect and exactly what I've been looking for. I don't suppose you would happen to 1. have more of that fabric, or 2. be able to go get another set?

carrie224 said...

They look gorgeous. Love 'em.