Sunday, January 06, 2008

My boy is Six!

Six years ago today, my smallest baby was born. He weighed in at a mere 8 pounds 11 ounces and almost all of that was heart.

Back in September, I had that Wacky conversation with Weston where, after many moments of thought, I was finally able to translate into the fact that he wanted an airplane themed birthday party.

And thanks to his Meemaw, he had a wonderful one. Meemaw made an airplane cake, planned games, and even made a craft (paper airplanes) with the kids. All I had to do was take pictures.

May this year be your best ever, my little prince.


Renee said...

Happy birthday Weston.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Weston!

Gwen said...

Happy Birthday!

Mariel said...

All the best people are born on Jan. 6.

Did you know that your blog is hard to find because it shares a name with some kind of specialty sheepskin boot, popular with skiers?

And about SAD--I think it's important to feel like you're surrounded by light, and having white walls really helps that. Also, don't worry about the power bill and turn on all the lights when you're down. And have really lush houseplants around, like ferns. And get out and see people and keep busy.

DON'T curl up in an easy chair and read a book or write until the sun comes back or you die, whichever comes first. Or go to bed at 6:30 because if you don't actually see the sunset, who's to say it actually happened?

Anyway, that helped me.